Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning Routine

Developing routines brings peace into our home.  Perhaps it was the years spent working on tall ships where routines ground everything we did, or perhaps it is the expectations we place on our children when we establish a routine, but we love routines.  Now don't get me wrong - we are VERY good at breaking, or easing our routines when we need to, or when a spontaneous moment hits, but having an established routine makes those times when we deviate even more special.  Please note that I am talking of routines or rituals that guide our days, not schedules based on the clock.  Of course by necessity, we have schedules worked into our days, Dave needs to go to work at a certain time, preschool begins at a certain time, etc.  

Our most recent routine is our morning routine.  In anticipation of starting their Montessori school this September and needing to get out of the house promptly by 8:30, I decided to routinize what we do each morning.  I started by brainstorming what things I expect Hadley and Finley to do each morning to get themselves ready for the day?  For three year olds, this is very simple: get dressed, put away PJ's, make bed, wash face, brush teeth, and brush hair.  Armed with this information, I began organizing their space to help them accomplish these tasks.  
Using thoughts from the Montessori tradition, I created a small tray in the bathroom with the different items needed to accomplish these simple tasks.  The tray has a brush, comb, small washcloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste (there is also a small drinking cup next to the sink).  I slowly introduced the twins to these items, how to use them, and the new expectations, and as usual, they were so excited that we've been experiencing an abundance of face washing.  In addition to practicing the skills and relishing in the added responsibility, it is also a practice in taking turns.  We made the decision to create only one tray and so far the twins are respecting that when one person is using the items, it is their turn, but I foresee this being the biggest challenge.

The verdict is still out, but I'm hoping that a little morning routine = a little more peace.

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  1. I love this. Creating routines and realistic expectations at an early age is so important. It also brings so much order to chaos -- we really struggle with this one. Liam is definitely going to start making his bed every morning--haha!


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