Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping Cool

 By the end of the day Sunday we were HOT and frozen drinks and sprinklers just weren't cutting it.  This simple little activity kept us cool and was incredibly entertaining for Dave and I to watch.  The idea came from Counting Coconuts and I must admit that the ice creation over there was much more impressive then ours, but ours was equally fun!  Over the weekend I progressively filled 2 yogurt containers with water and food coloring.  In the middle layer I put two little 'mystery items' (in our situation some fun shaped erasers).

When they were frozen, I removed them from the containers and presented them to Hadley and Finley.  The goal I told them was to get out what was inside! 
 They tried banging, rolling, warm water, flour, and finally just plunking them in the kiddie pool.  It was so simple, and was a full hour of fun at the end of a hot weekend!

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