Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dining Chairs and Table

Several years ago we inherited this table and chairs from my grandparents in South Carolina.  They weren't quite our style, but were perfect for our screened porch in NC.  When we moved up to NY, the table and chairs came too, only this time a little more worn from their time outside.  A new table and chairs were put on the 'we need to get' list, but kept getting put off.  So finally we decided instead of the new table, we would give this one a second life.  The dark picture below is the best before photo I could find.

 Next it came to choosing a color.  For the last several months, I've been painting the top of all the chairs trying to determine the perfect color.  We've tried bright, mellow, and everything in between.  I love bold colors, and wanted something to jazz up the room, but would 't subtract from the rest of the house and the red in the living room.  So we settled on green, with some fun colorful fabrics for the seats. 

My original plan was to knock off a chair every day or so, but I definitely can't take credit for the majority of the hard work.  When my mom and Bruce came for a little-baby help, we put them to work (along with our little helpers), scrubbing, sanding, painting, and stapling, and pretty soon we had 8 gorgeous chairs and a table.

I am so excited to have a little more color in the room!!

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