Thursday, August 11, 2011

Celebrating Artwork

I finally hung up Hadley and Fin's framed artwork after several months of deciding where I wanted to put it.  These rotating frame will display the current favorite artwork prominently in the dining room where everyone can see it.  This definitely gives the twins a sense of pride, and shows that their hard work  is loved and respected.

We also keep a rather informal messy display of their artwork in the playroom with a simple piece of twine and clothes pins.  This works to dry artwork as well as share our most recent masterpieces.  The hardest part is taking the old work down (thus the messy aspect).

This piece is one of our most recent projects.  On one of those days that was hot enough to cook an egg on the driveway, we shaved up some crayons, and melted them on wax paper on the hot pavement.  It was both art and science since the kiddos really couldn't figure out what was going to happen!

And of course there is edible artwork.  Congrats Papa on yet another graduation :)

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