Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's Growing

Our first year garden is a rapidly changing place in our home.  I decided to put this post up after being inspired by Soule Mama's post today about her garden. After moving in mid winter, we spent the spring quickly cutting trees, clearing land, moving dirt, and now weeding, weeding, weeding.  The current product: 9 raised beds, 1 herb garden, and a LOT of mounds of dirt with squash seeds hastily planted!  We have squeezed as many plants as we can and are looking forward to claiming even more space next year.

Luckily I have lots of help in the garden, especially when it comes to eating the snap peas and weeding.  I love hearing the little voices beside me: Is this a weed? Is this a weed?  What is this?

 While weeding and bending is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the expanding belly, we are just able to stay ahead of the bugs and weeds, and already we are eating the fresh goodies from the well loved dirt.   
It has been difficult to watch and tend the strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, and 11 fruit trees, knowing that we are at least a year from our first harvest, but still, things are growing!
This is one of our favorite beds.  Dave did the hard work here, and planted it with corn, beans, and squash.  This combination is part of a Native American tradition that allows the beans to climb the corn, the squash to protect the ground from weeds and the sun, and the corn to reap the benefits of the nitrogen from the beans.  There is a great post about this called a Three Sisters Garden at Word Playhouse.  

Thanks to all the many hands and minds who helped shape this garden so far.

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