Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rice Pillow

 (this photo was taken by Hadley)

In continued anticipation of our new arrival (and the actual birth of the baby) I decided to make a quick rice pillow.  The pillow is quick and easy and can be frozen or heated depending on your need.  I often use a rice pillow during headaches, or when I am simply feeling a bit tired.

These directions are for a very basic pattern for the rice pillow – you can also use the same measurements to make a pillow and a separate cover to make washing easier, or you can make the pattern in a C shape if it seems more comfortable to fit your neck. 

Fabric – something that won’t melt in microwave.  I used 2 separate  pieces of cotton
Rice – not quick cook
Scented oil
Step 1: Cut fabric
                1 piece cut 20” by 10”
                1 piece cut 5” by 10”
Step 2: Sew pieces together
Sew the 2 pieces together putting right sides together and sewing along the 10” side.  You will have a piece that measures 10”by 25”.
Fold pieces in half lengthwise, keeping right sides together and sew along one end and one side Use small stitches to keep rice from falling out of the seam.
Step 3
                Turn this correct side out and iron.  Fold the rough edges under on the open side and iron. 

Step 4
                Mix rice and oil together in a bowl and fill the sleeve with desired amount.  

Step 5
                Sew up the open side.
Step 6
                Put in the microwave or freezer and ENJOY!

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