Monday, July 18, 2011

Paper Mache

Oh the simple pleasure of flour and water mixed together - with a little paint.  Last week we decided to get our hands dirty with a little paper mache, with no particular goal or finished product in mind.  It was the perfect project since we could do a step or two at a time and return to the next step when we felt inspired.
First there was the cutting and tearing of the newspaper (and the collecting of all the extra pieces from the floor).  I started by cutting strips, so Hadley and Fin could use their scissors to simply cut across the strip, and of course when this got old, they tore the pieces.

Then we measured the flour and water and mixed our paste.  Our very basic recipe was flour and water (2 parts water to 1 part flour).  Since both Hadley and Fin think flour is tasty, I decided to avoid any other ingredients.

 Next we dipped our paper and put it on our forms.  I started with some paper cubes to just practice, but we quickly graduated to balloons.  A little tip - balloons inflate on hot days, so when you finish the perfect paper mache project and leave it in the sun, be aware!
 Finally, we waited for our balloons to dry and painted the surface.  If we feel inspired, we will hang the finished products with a string somewhere in the house, but for now the colorful balls sit on the table in the playspace, and are proudly shared with anyone who stops by!

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