Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bringing Nature Inside

We try to spend as much of our time outside as we can, but we also enjoy bringing nature back into our home.  It gives us a chance to showcase our favorite treasures, observe our treasures more closely, and add a bit of the beautiful outdoors to our indoor decor.

The root viewer above was a birthday gift for the twins, and we've been checking the seedlings as we watch the stems stretch up, and the white roots stretch down.

Our nature tray is constantly changing, as new items are added and others used in projects, or simply replaced with new items.  The tray lives on a side table in our dining room where Hadley and Finley have constant access, and can use the magnify glasses to take a closer look at whatever they choose.
We are ocean people, so almost every room in our home has something from the sea.  Our bathroom windowsills are lined with shells, and this glass piece filled with stones and shells and bits of glass is most often found on our dining room table.

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