Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter: Farm

Weird Weather (and weird animals)

The weather this winter is weird. Of course I miss the snows from last winter and am feeling sad that my skis are still sitting unused in the basement, (and with a background in climatology I am unhappy with boring high pressure systems and wary of warm winter weather) but there is something nice about 50 degrees in February.

Free Chickens (as in they got out)

Several weeks ago I wrote about how our dog was sneaking into the chicken fence to scrounge around for scraps we left for the chickens. Since then this little habit has become slightly more problematic.

Planning the Childrens' Garden

We've had the coughs and sniffles around here lately, oh and let's not forget a few earaches.  But amid lots of cups of tea we decided to get the seed catalogs back out and plan our children's garden for next spring.

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