Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter: Create

Simple Santas

These little Santas were the result of another project I am currently working on.  As I was cutting some sticks in our garage, I was reminded of similar Santas we had in our home growing up, a few quick cuts later and I was on my way to my own set.

Handmade Handwarmers

This past weekend as Dave and Finley headed off for some holiday shopping, Fin asked Dad where they were going?  "Shopping of course to buy Christmas presents," replied Dave.  "But Daddy, you're not supposed to buy presents, you're supposed to make presents!

Cooking: Pasta and Bread

Perhaps it is the cold weather outside, or the newly fallen snow, but there has been a lot of baking going on in this house in the last several days.

Make Your Own Books

I love planning projects with my children, but even more, I love when projects fall out of nowhere and change the shape of our entire day. 

A Few Valentines

This weekend we made a few more Valentine's cards for some of our friends.  Each of the kids came up with their own style.  For Finley's cards, I found this idea over at Homemade Serenity.

Symmetrical Hearts

Today we made some symmetrical hearts from an idea I found over at NurtureStore.  The idea was very simple, and the kiddos LOVED it. 

Heart Garlands

So many of our projects lately have been open ended, usually involving lots of glue, cutting, and many bits and pieces.

Cute Clothespins

Somewhere floating around the blog world I had seen these nifty clothes pins, so a few days ago we decided to give them a go. 

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