Saturday, January 1, 2011

Summer: Create

Paper Mache Balloons

Oh the simple pleasure of flour and water mixed together - with a little paint.

Drawing with our Senses

 Before the day heated up, we packed our backpacks, grabbed some blankets and headed the twenty yards to the garden.  Somewhere between the tomatoes, the lettuce, and the asparagus, we spread out our supplies, and searched for inspiration.

Shape Books

Both Hadley and Finley have shown an interest in shapes over the last several weeks.  Everywhere we go, they are pointing out 'octagons' (stop signs), squares, rectangles, etc.  We started these shape books a few weeks ago, and are finally revisiting them.

Fairy Houses
 The woods are full of fairies!

The trees are all alive;
Fairy Gardens
We've been hard at work here on our fairy garden.  There has been a lot of planning, collecting, building, a small bit of gluing and even a little sewing.

Felt Wand

Last fall we had our first experience with felting.  Using the wet felting technique we made these acorns.

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