Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spring: Create

Naturally Dyed Eggs

This past weekend it was time to dye our eggs.  Since our eggs for our chickens are already lovely shades of brown, blue and green, (see the above photo) we actually had to buy white eggs to dye.

Popsicle Season

It's that time of year again: the sun is hot, the air is humid, and the popsicles are in the freezer.  The best part of making popsicles (and smoothies) is you can load them with all sorts of yummy, healthy, fillings.

A Little Bit of Butter

During the six months we lived in France last year, I gained a much bigger appreciation of butter.  There is something about French butter that is - better: it's creamier, it's smoother, it's better.

  Summer Solstice Headbands

Tonight we celebrated midsummer on a truly HOT day (I believe the temperature got well into the 90's here today).  We were joined by Opa and Ducky (Dave's parents) for a celebratory meal and a bonfire.

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