Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fall: Farm

Lessons Learning 2011

This year our garden has been a place of continual joy.  From building the beds, to moving the dirt, to planting the seeds, to all the weeding, weeding, weeding, and finally to the harvest, we've come to love our time spent with our hands in the dirt.

Laying Like Crazy

Our chickens are laying eggs, lots of eggs  We are averaging 3 or 4 eggs a day, all different colors and sizes, and are starting to look for creative ways to eat eggs everyday.  We are still trying to determine exactly which chickens are laying which eggs.

Compost: For the Love of Dirt

Before we started prepping gardens, or even organizing our new home, we built the compost bin.  For so many years as we moved from place to place and house to house,we had either basic wire bins for compost or simply a pile in the woods.

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