Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fall: Discover

  Discover Nature: Milk Weed

 Milk Weed Pods are simply magic.  Completely unassuming on the outside, they are filled with floating seeds and covered by a stiff pod, they breaks apart easily.

Discover Nature: Seeds

Autumn is here and the garden is bursting with seeds.  For children, well for everyone, seeds are a magical source of growth each spring.

Discover Nature: Bees

There have been an abundance of bees in our yard lately, working to collect that last bit of pollen for the season before freezing temperatures set it.

Rain and the Water Cycle

Last week we decided to embrace the seemingly endless rain and talk about the water cycle.

Spider Webs

Last week we did an outdoor hour challenge looking at the changing leaves, as well as one exploring spider webs.  I am really enjoying these challenges from over at the Handbook of Nature Study

A Little Fall Scavenger Hunt

I'm LOVING these beautiful fall days here in NY with the cold frosty mornings and sweater wearing afternoons.  Yesterday to get us all out of doors I made a very quick, super basic scavenger hunt.

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